Textiles and yarn have been a great fascination for me all my life. For as long as I can remember, I've had a huge creative urge, and I love experimenting with materials, colors, volume and textures. I do everything from weaving and knitting to spinning, felting and sewing. I also work sculpturally – in both a large and small scale. I have a modern design language and a playful style, and I like to juggle between making art and utility items. I work intuitively and constantly challenge and explore myself and the materials I work with.


As of August 2020 I'm studying textile at Capellagården in Öland, Sweden. 

Feel free to DM me via my Instagram profile, or send me an e-mail at bonjour@idahagen.no if you have any questions!


2022 – Group exhibition: Summer exhibition at Capellagården, Öland
2022 – Group exhibition at VIDA Museum & Konsthall, Öland
2021 – Group exhibition: Summer exhibition at Capellagården, Öland
2018 – Group exhibition at Norway Designs NÅ vol. 5/2 – Identitet

2017 – Group exhibition at Lom bygdamuseum: Weaving in Gudbrandsdalen

2017 – Group exhibition at Hadeland Glassverk: Vinterfestivalen

2016 – Group exhibition at Is It So Collective, Oslo: Fiber Stories

2015 – Solo exhibition at trafoen at Torshov, Oslo: Vever og frynsete


Alpakka in Nordings.jpg