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Oslo-based weaver, artist and designer 


Textiles and yarn have always fascinated me, and my work is the result of exploration and experiments with materials, colors, volume, and textures. I completed my textile studies at Capellagården in Sweden in 2022, and I do everything from weaving and knitting to spinning, felting and sewing. I also work sculpturally in various scales. In my practice I juggle between making art and utility items, and I want to contribute to giving hand made everyday textiles the extra attention they deserve. 


2023 – Group exhibition: Norwegian Presence 2023, Milan, Italy

2023 – Group exhibition: Soil Baker in Seoul, South-Korea: View From The Window

2022 – Group exhibition: Summer exhibition at Capellagården, Öland
2022 – Group exhibition: VIDA Museum & Konsthall, Öland
2021 – Group exhibition: Summer exhibition at Capellagården, Öland
2018 – Group exhibition: Norway Designs NÅ vol. 5/2 – Identitet

2017 – Group exhibition: Lom bygdamuseum: Weaving in Gudbrandsdalen

2017 – Group exhibition: Hadeland Glassverk: Vinterfestivalen

2016 – Group exhibition: Is It So Collective, Oslo: Fiber Stories

2015 – Solo exhibition: trafoen at Torshov, Oslo: Vever og frynsete


Alpakka in Nordings.jpg
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